About Us

Matt at deskWelcome to The Spahn Law Firm.  

We want to wow you.

Easy for me to say.

You see, when you turn 18 you need a plan for your life. You need to choose who will do things for you when you can not do them for yourself. Bump your head in a car collision, and you need someone to be your medical power of attorney, if only for a day. Stuck in the hospital, you need someone who can pay your bills for you. One day, when you’re not here, you’ll want someone to deliver your assets to some people or organizations you really care for and want to help.

You’ve thought that if you do your will or trust or power of attorney, you would be limiting your choices. Just the opposite is true; the earlier you start planning, the more choices you’ll have, from then on.

Start now.  And if you find yourself a little older than 18, it’s not too late!

This so-called estate planning is fulfilling and with me, it’s fun. We find lots of reasons to laugh while we’re working.

You’re going to quickly see that we’re here to serve you. It’s our honor and pleasure.

Come see us. Contact us today.