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Life On A Farm

03 Jun

Aldo Leopold wrote in his book A Sand County Almanac , ‘There are two spiritual dangers in not owning a farm.  One is the danger of supposing breakfast comes from the grocery, and the other is that heat comes from the furnace.’  My clients know that I am a self-described country boy.  Each day I […]

A Memorial Day Thank You

21 May

My office is located on the corner of Broadway and Funston. This is the juncture that the funerals proceed through on their way to Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.  Many days, we see three processions.  On Fridays there may be even more.  It is a reminder to me, and clients who happen to be sitting […]

A Real Christmas Tree

15 Dec

It’s that time of year again:  time to put up the Christmas tree.  We recently did that at the office.  We went out and picked up a pre-lit artificial tree.  As I stared at the box and contemplated assembling it (while everyone else at the office did the “real” work), I had mixed feelings.  The […]

Wheels of Change

04 Mar

It was 1996, three years before I heard of Dave Ramsey.  We had 2 cars, one was paid for, and I decided I needed a truck.  Lori had just delivered our second child, fifteen months after the first.  We had my law school loans and foolish credit card debt, and we were sitting on 3 […]

Breaking the Chains

01 Mar

Some years ago when we lived in Alabama, we heard about a guy named Dave Ramsey.  He was doing a radio show and telling people to get out of debt.   He was telling folks to live without a credit card and going so far as to say people should live on LESS than what they […]

A Texas Tale

01 Aug

I was on a men’s retreat a couple of months ago.  We would break out into our small group of twelve and talk about what we had just learned in the big group, what we thought.  The men’s ages ranged from twenty-something to 60-something.  We got to talking about high school and cars and and […]