“What’s up, Doc?”

04 Aug

Often after presentations, attendees exclaim to me their surprise at my passion for the subject of estate planning. They say, “Wow, Matt. You really love talking about wills and trusts and powers of attorney!” Yeah, I do. I love talking about it and doing it. My clients and I share a really good feeling after the documents are signed. Usually, that’s in my office. Sometimes it’s in other places. I did an estate plan in an ICU once. The nurse that was managing the patient’s (my new client) care was awesome. The family would share with me later the tremendous peace of mind their mom had after I had served her. What an honor for me to help.

Really, if you’re considering doing your estate plan, one reason you might be putting it off is its complexity and all the contingencies you feel you must consider. If you’ve been reading my blogs or know me, you know that I consider myself more an estate planning teacher than simply an estate planning attorney. You deserve to understand the choices you can make and the ramifications. Check out the testimonials on this site and see what people just like you have said about our process.

So, day in day out, no big deals, then suddenly, life happens. What my latest video focuses on is one of the catalysts to estate planning. The moving factors often are marriage, birth, travel, death, taxes and health. Let’s focus on health. So many people are diagnosed every day with serious health issues. If you or someone you know has had this happen, the last thing they want or need to worry about is their estate plan, yet it weighs on them heavily. They want to get this done. Help them get with a good estate planning attorney who knows how to answer their questions and walk and talk them through the documents they need to cover incapacity and death. Help them get this item checked off their bucket list. If you’re a doctor, nurse, therapist, pharmacist or other health professional, be ready with a good referral for all those patients you serve. They need that prescription, too.

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