An Honor to Serve

20 Dec

In my 22nd year, I’m as excited as ever about being your estate planning attorney.  Every new client gets the good news: there’s a better way to do things than what you’ve heard.

We can avoid probate; we can plan strategically for taxes; we can protect and preserve your assets for generations. You can be a good steward of your assets now, and far into the future.

All you existing clients can contact us with questions and let us continue to help you. As we say, just when we get the answers, they change the questions.

Speaking of change –  healthcare, and the economics around it, is in a state of flux. Paying for acute-care needs has never been more complicated.  For those of you with long-term care insurance to pay for chronic care needs, we saw in the last couple of years some carriers go out of the business and others raise their premiums.

We plan for the worst and hope for the best. No matter the state of politics and economics, I am here to help protect your wealth and your health. Every opportunity to serve is an honor for me.

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