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04 Feb




“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me…….” Acts 20:24

At the age of 52 Matt Spahn, the attorney with the heart of a teacher, has decided he will participate in the Texas Senior Games.  Matt will be running the 100 meter race Sunday April 7, 2019.  When asked about his participation in the Senior Games he had this to say.

” When I go out to exercise in the morning, it’s after I have read scripture.  I pray while I walk and in the midst of some of my more strenuous exercises, I often cry out as this aging body aches.  When I run as fast as I can, I feel close to God.  He gave us five senses to experience His creativity, grace, goodness, and greatness.  When I am at top speed and then recovering, I feel alive!  I am going to run for Him, and push this body that He gave me as fast as I can for 100 meters.  When I cross the finish line, I am going to praise Him and be thankful that I can run.”

There is something beautiful about a strong finish.  Here at the Spahn Law Firm, we help our clients plan for a strong finish.  A complete and comprehensive estate plan can help make the end of the race a smooth transition for the next runner.  The blessing in creating a plan that has a smooth transition, is that the next runner is afforded the ability to move slow and steady.  The next runner has such a lead that the pace can reflect the celebration, love, and admiration of the predecessor.  Training for or creating a plan for a strong finish now, is a way to feel alive.  It is a way to remove the anticipation of what if, and to just be able to enjoy the race we call life.

Are you training or planning for your race?  Contact the Spahn Law Firm today and let us help you create a plan that will help you finish strong.


**Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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