Planes, Trains and Automobiles

04 Jul

Worried about getting on that plane because you don’t have a plan?  What will happen to the kids?  To the retirement plans?  The home?  You’re not alone if you have these concerns when you’re traveling on vacation.  We all worry about our mortality and capacity and how the inevitable will affect those we love.

Did you know that in 90 minutes or less you could have wills, powers of attorney, and HIPAA releases comprehensively created and executed?  Your plan can save amazing amounts of heartache, headache, time and money.

Some of my favorite client sessions have been for those about to fly off to some exotic locale.  Typically, they’re apologetic.  Like, “Matt, I know we’ve said we need to do this for some time.”  I respond, “Yeah, I was going to procrastinate but I decided to wait until tomorrow to do so!”

“We leave this Friday.  Can we have something done?”

“We’ll have it all ready for you Thursday, giving us enough time to make any changes necessary.”


“Yes.  Relax.  And know you’ll be able to completely enjoy your trip because it will be done.”

Admittedly, it’s more dangerous for us to drive on the freeway than it is for us to fly or board that big ship.  But we think about things differently when we’re traveling.  Whatever it takes to get it done.

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