Planning Your Exit (or “The Show Must Go On”)

06 Aug

(The following is a guest blog post by our client, Polly Duke.)

Enter the client.

That’s me, Polly Duke.  I’m here at the Spahn Law Firm for a typical reason.  I need a will that legally covers all the bases:  from my health care in case I become incapacitated, to the distribution of my possessions following my death.  No wonder I’m grim.  This is a scenario I find strange, fearful, lonely, sad, disorderly.  My mind cannot come to grips with a world in which I am no longer actively among my family, and I would prefer to procrastinate once again.  That is not the mental state from which clear thinking resulting in a finely drawn will emerges.

In two smooth, actually pleasant, sessions Matt Spahn and his staff at Spahn Law Firm guided me through the two distinct emotional levels of the many documents comprising a will:  the first is the cold necessary charted legalities as prescribed by law, in which Matt’s legal knowledge and experience predominate. The second is the best-for-all decisions of choice as decided by me, in which my family knowledge and experience predominate.  The latter is where the going gets tough, but after session one, my thoughts became organized and crystallized enough to convince me that, as a team, we could complete the task.

Session two is over.  The will has been edited, scrutinized, understood, signed and witnessed.  It’s a done deal, a handshake and a high-five conclusion to what should have been done long ago.  It’s the very best that Matt and I could do, and we are happy with it.

Exit the client.

photo credit, konstriktion

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