Planning your Legacy

14 Jun

I have heard the saying before that if you want to make God laugh, make plans.  I believe that God has a plan for us, and that He is in control of that plan.  I also believe that Christ calls us to be good stewards of the gifts we are given.  In saying this, being a good steward means there are situation that require us to make a plan.

As the Director of First Impressions at the Spahn Law Firm, I see plans made every day.  I asked Matt once, why of all the different specialties in law, did he pick estate planning.  His answer has been proven to me by client after client.  His reason was this, “In estate planning, you see people at their best.   You see people planning to take care of their family and friends.  You see people wanting to leave a legacy, and a future for those they are leaving behind.”  It truly is people at their best.

Everyone has a heritage and a legacy.   Our heritage is something we can’t change.  We can’t change the traditions, and culture we were born in to, but we can change our legacy.   Legacy is something we leave behind, a gift to our family and friends.  A legacy is an inheritance, the plan you make to leave with your family when you are gone.

Working every day in an estate planning law firm, I see the importance of creating a plan to leave a legacy.  You may need to create a plan that can fill a need for many generations; or your plan may provide for a loved one with special needs.  Whatever the size of your estate, a plan is necessary to define your legacy of love, wealth, or simple provision for your absence.  There is great satisfaction in seeing a family that is able to mourn in peace, because the details and plans are in place.

Have you planned for your legacy?  Do you want to make a plan that can give your family peace of mind and comfort in your absence?  If you have never made a plan, today is the day to create your legacy.  Contact us today!


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