The Heart of a Teacher

15 Feb

I’m teaching estate planning at St. Mary’s Law School and I have the best students.  Most are in their last semester, and although ready to graduate and receive that doctorate degree in jurisprudence, they are worried about that bar exam.  The hundreds of thousands of dollars the degree costs won’t allow them to practice law. Only the license from the state bar will, and they have to pass that test.

I told them I teach estate planning every day to clients and do presentations all the time.  I had to admit that I am so excited to be back in law school, much more so than the first time!

You know, law school wasn’t much fun.  I went at it pretty intensely.  I started at Baylor Law in May of ’90 and finished in July of ’92, 26 months later.  Although it’s usually a three year matriculation and a few months studying for the bar, I took my last final in July followed by a few days break, and then took the three-day bar exam.  I graduated the next day, August 1.

But in law school, I also thought they were hiding the ball.  It’s like they put your face right up next to the big picture, so close that you could only see one tiny bit of it, and only at the end did you back up and see what the picture looked like as whole.  It was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the picture to go by!

I promised my students I’m not going to do that.  I said we’d look at the big picture first, and then pull in close for the detail.  I do love to teach.  I love the dialogue.  Learning is exciting.  One of the reasons I love what the Lord has given me to do; I learn something new every day.

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