Life On A Farm

03 Jun


Aldo Leopold wrote in his book A Sand County Almanac , ‘There are two spiritual dangers in not owning a farm.  One is the danger of supposing breakfast comes from the grocery, and the other is that heat comes from the furnace.’

 My clients know that I am a self-described country boy.  Each day I commute in from Guadalupe County where we live on enough land to raise horses, cattle and pecans.  I was raised in the country and this land is such a blessing to me, now more than ever.  And as I mature (grow older!), it becomes more and more the place for me to pray and relax and work and be refreshed.  I want my wife and children to know the land.  I want to work alongside them, seeing and being a part of the circle of life.

 I bring that belief and passion to my practice.  Whether such sentiment is part of your philosophy or not, I’m honored to serve you.  My office should feel like a retreat for you.  We can slow down a little.  Visit.  Then build or rebuild your plan.  Call us today.

Photo credit:  Michael Long; 2014.  He captured this great shot of Josie, one of Matt’s American Quarter Horse mares, grazing with her foal, Smarty. And there’s Matt riding his Arabian mare, Arwen, in the background.

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