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An Honor to Serve

20 Dec

In my 22nd year, I’m as excited as ever about being your estate planning attorney.  Every new client gets the good news: there’s a better way to do things than what you’ve heard. We can avoid probate; we can plan strategically for taxes; we can protect and preserve your assets for generations. You can be […]

From the edge of the cliff

04 Jan

I think it’s generally a bad idea to react in fear.  And, I don’t like legislation that results from congressionally-created crisis.  That being said, the so-called fiscal cliff has been navigated.  We have new tax laws. There are changes to taxable rates for income and capital gains, yes.  My focus, of course, is on the […]

You need ICE

27 Nov

Do you have ICE on your cell phone?  No?  Don’t know what I mean by ICE?  I don’t mean really cold water.  I mean In Case of Emergency! If you are unconscious in your car or on your living room floor, first responders are trained to save your life and now, to find your cell […]

“Super Will” to the rescue!

05 Apr

I’ve been asked by some financial professionals why property would need to be styled in some way other than just in an individual’s name.   There are a couple of reasons.  Perhaps not all apply to you, but consider the following. You have a will.  That’s nice.  Wills transfer property after people die but wills must […]

Spahn Law Firm Gifts Combat-wounded Veteran and Family

24 Jan

1/23/12 San Antonio, Texas: The Spahn Law Firm of San Antonio is honored to recognize the sacrifices of native Texan Army veteran SSgt. Shilo Harris and his family. Harris was a combat Army Cavalry veteran on his second deployment, attached to the 10th Mountain Division, I-89th Cavalry in Iraq in 2007. Severely wounded when the […]

A Real Christmas Tree

15 Dec

It’s that time of year again:  time to put up the Christmas tree.  We recently did that at the office.  We went out and picked up a pre-lit artificial tree.  As I stared at the box and contemplated assembling it (while everyone else at the office did the “real” work), I had mixed feelings.  The […]

We Don’t Need No Stinking Bypass Trusts Anymore. Do We? (Part Two)

04 Apr

To preserve your estate tax lifetime exclusion, your good attorney put in your will (or your living revocable trust) a bypass trust.  Might have called it credit shelter trust, might have called it the family trust, regardless, if drafted right, it followed the internal revenue code and could receive your lifetime exclusion upon your death.  […]

The Heart of a Teacher

15 Feb

I’m teaching estate planning at St. Mary’s Law School and I have the best students.  Most are in their last semester, and although ready to graduate and receive that doctorate degree in jurisprudence, they are worried about that bar exam.  The hundreds of thousands of dollars the degree costs won’t allow them to practice law. […]

Our New Taxes

09 Feb

So we all heard that there was no estate tax in 2010, but did you know that there were no step-up in basis rules?  You see, in the years prior to 2010, when someone died and their will gave you their house, you usually got what is often called a step-up in basis.  Your basis […]