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From the edge of the cliff

04 Jan

I think it’s generally a bad idea to react in fear.  And, I don’t like legislation that results from congressionally-created crisis.  That being said, the so-called fiscal cliff has been navigated.  We have new tax laws. There are changes to taxable rates for income and capital gains, yes.  My focus, of course, is on the […]

We Don’t Need No Stinking Bypass Trusts Anymore. Do We? (Part Two)

04 Apr

To preserve your estate tax lifetime exclusion, your good attorney put in your will (or your living revocable trust) a bypass trust.  Might have called it credit shelter trust, might have called it the family trust, regardless, if drafted right, it followed the internal revenue code and could receive your lifetime exclusion upon your death.  […]

The Tax Relief…..Act of 2010

26 Jan

A blog is no place to give legal or tax advice, nor is any other medium.  When you ask your CPA or lawyer to advise you on taxes and they agree, then you’re getting tax advice.  This warning applies to everything on this website and its noted elsewhere here, but it’s worth repeating. So what […]