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We’ve got all sorts of clients at the Spahn Law Firm.  They are married or single; maybe they’re 18, but they could be 80.  Some have huge families, and others are childless. Some are wealthy; while others are facing bankruptcy. Most walk through our doors on referral. Some have stayed for three generations. All are determined to be good stewards of what that they have, to prevent problems before they occur, and to do the work it takes to protect their families over the long haul.

Our clients are our business, and it is an honor to serve them.  Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Before I met you professionally, I did not truly appreciate how important proper estate planning was to a family.  That was until you took me through your process and helped me to create my own personal estate program.  I cannot thank you and your firm enough for all of the time and education you have provided me.  I can think of no greater praise than to confidently refer my clients to you and ask your firm to handle their estate planning needs.”

— Oran James Tsakopulos III, Miller & Tsakopulos Financial Partners

“You have been so gracious and explained everything so precisely.  We are thoroughly impressed with the process, and it has been a pleasant experience.  We have and will continue to recommend you to everyone we know.”

— A. C. & Barbara Donell, San Antonio

“Thank you for spending time with me and Darcy.  We enjoyed the time, but more importantly we realize that you gave us exactly what we needed.  We walked in knowing we needed to do ‘something’ to make sure our family was protected.  We left knowing what to do, when to do it, and why exactly it is important.”

— Michael Maciolek, San Antonio

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Matt and team for a wonderful experience! I am so pleased with the results, and I had a wonderful time working together to secure my family’s future! Thanks again Spahn Law Firm.”

— Gerard Cardinez, San Antonio

“A very good experience. We feel amazingly secure now. We know that it’s all taken care of and if we need anything, we can call you.”

— Laurie & Bill Hanzal, San Antonio

“…..just wanted to touch base with you and give my synopsis of the meeting we had this morning. WOW! I left energized and revitalized with the information provided on the subject matter. Not only were your words educational, but they were also equally inspirational. It is said that information is power, I’ll go as far as saying your advice was truly transcendental. You have renewed our sense of urgency and preparedness for the future. It has given my wife and I the strength, wisdom and knowledge needed to plan ahead and not leave the unexpected to the unexpected. All people should be exposed to these teachings…. Not everyone will make themselves students of this material but those of you who do, Matt Spahn is your guru.”

— Oren and Maria Medellin, San Antonio

“I am so thankful for Matt and the team at the Spahn Law Firm.  It was so easy to feel completely comfortable and the minute I walked in the office and met with Matt; I knew that the experience was going to be a great one.  My business was handled with great care and by a great person.   I strongly recommend Matt and his team to anyone with an interest in having their business handled with the utmost respect.”

— James Ferguson, San Antonio

“I’m not sure if Deb and I ever really thanked the Spahn Law Firm for giving us the “Peace of Mind” that we are all looking for in one way or another. In today’s world it seems there are so many choices for everything we come in contact with, and quite often we worry if the right choice was made. As far as Deb and I are concerned, choosing to utilize your services was one of the best decisions we made. Thanks, from the both of us as well as our heirs. Their lives will be much better.”

— Gary and Debby Arnold, San Antonio

“Thank you and all of your team for making the process … so easy.  Here at work, a colleague of mine relayed her horror story in trying to accomplish this recently. They gave up, but based on my positive partnership with you, she is planning to start again.  Hopefully, she will call you to set up a meeting.  Thanks again to everyone in your office.”

— J. Leonard, San Antonio

“Being an Estate planning attorney, Matt explained the differences between a Trust and a simple Will. We learned so much during the initial visit. Matt’s patience and non-aggressive demeanor made the visit very pleasant and stress-free. He has a gift for simplifying complex issues in a manner that is respectful and non-condescending. After the first meeting, we both felt strongly that Matt was honest, extremely knowledgeable, and highly competent. We left with such a feeling of relief that our family would be well taken care of in the event of our death. My husband and I could not have been more pleased with Matt and the service he provided. His staff was friendly, helpful, professional, and ready to assist us. We were extremely impressed with the whole experience and would recommend Matt Spahn and his firm whole-heartedly to anyone.”

– David and Elda, San Antonio

“The value that Matt brings to clients is his knowledge & application of that knowledge.  He continues to learn and build upon his already diverse educational background.  He has a unique ability to teach while not speaking over my head.”

— Darryl Lyons, PAX Financial Group, LLC

“When you do this kind of a transaction, you don’t know if it’s right or wrong until you’re dead.  Then, it’s too late.  We have so much confidence in you, Matt.  You’ve taught us so much.  You clearly have great knowledge, and you can share it so well.”

— Margaret and Larry Green, Fair Oaks Ranch

“Diane joins me in providing our sincere thanks to you and staff for a very enjoyable experience.  You have significantly exceeded our expectations by covering more aspects of estate planning than we ever expected and providing it in such a clear, instructional, and informative manner.  We never expected our sessions with you to be so thorough and comprehensive.  The plan we developed with your help certainly represents our best financial and personal interests.  Without question, we have not only set ourselves up for the future, but also have gained a friend who we can trust to provide professional advice when needed.”

— Patrick & Diane Fink, San Antonio

“Spahn Law Firm made estate planning so easy.  We have recommended this firm to our family and friends.  Thanks, Spahn Law Firm for making this process uncomplicated and for giving us such peace of mind for our family.”

— Sarah and Chad Gilpin, Fair Oaks Ranch

“This experience has been one that I will not forget. Between the great sense of humor and education on this type of business, Matt has been an absolute joy to work with. I will be forever grateful, and I recommend him to everyone who is in need of an estate plan!”

— Bitty Truan, Rancho Viejo

“My aunt had a trust which helped me after her death.  My financial advisor suggested Matt.  Wonderful!  He’s been kind and caring, and he has terrific office personnel.”

— Carol Jenkins, San Antonio

“We are so appreciative that Matt took as much time as he did, and thankful that he explained things in a manner that we could understand.  It is a great feeling to have things lined up to protect our son in the future.”

— Tony and Connie Jeffery, San Antonio

As a businessman I appreciate your flat fee payment arrangement…. I also appreciate you guiding us through an attempt to predict the future.  You gave us advice with wisdom and a teacher’s heart rather than just telling us what to do.  I appreciate your attitude and that of your staff.”

– Mark Haverkorn, DDS, San Antonio

“We would like to say that our experience with Spahn Law Firm has been nothing short of excellent. We have great confidence and peace of mind in knowing that such an important element of our lives is in good and capable hands. We are thankful for the personal level in which Matt counsels and communicates. In addition, the staff is very warm and friendly. Thank you!”

– Nick and Rhoda, San Antonio

“This is our second time around to do estate planningMatt Spahn made it so simple and less confusing – because he is an excellent teacherI am a physician myself, but estate planning always made me afraid – but Matt made us feel comfortableHe and his office have a well-organized system and we can count on it for years to come.”

— PRN and LN, San Antonio

“If anyone ever has any hesitation in working with a lawyer, this is not the case at The Spahn Law Firm. Matt makes a 100% effort to ensure that you feel comfortable, are knowledgeable on every topic concerning the law, and is not afraid to tell a joke in between his explanations! I felt like I was talking to someone I had known for a long time. He has a very family feel to his law practice and I looked forward to meeting with him and making sure that the business at hand was completed and accurate. The Spahn Law firm did a great job in making me feel welcome and important. I cannot say enough good things about Matt and the team there. I would recommend this firm to family and friends, and anyone interested in an Estate Plan. I am so very grateful. Thank you!”

— Gloria Gonzalez, Victoria

“I couldn’t think of a better person to handle the care of my family and the plans we have for their future. Matt has shown great respect and concern for me and my family from the start. The Spahn Law Firm has taken the stress and worry out of something that can cause much anxiety. I highly recommend making an appointment so you can see what I mean! I am quite pleased, thank you!”

— Joel McDaniel, Pleasanton

“This law firm comes highly recommended, and I now know why! I have had a wonderful experience with Matt. He is trustworthy and he does a great job making sure you understand all the complications of an estate plan by explaining the process in very basic terms. He has been an enormous pleasure to work with. I thank you, Mr. Spahn, for all your terrific help.”

— Ronald Gray, San Antonio

“Highly professional.  Matt provided me with everything I needed, all the information necessary.  Very easy.  And everyone at the Spahn Law Firm is polite and gracious.”

— Linda Ely, San Antonio

“The Spahn Law Firm made an estate plan easy and explained the process thoroughly. The money spent was well worth the peace of mind it provides.  I wish we would have done this sooner instead of putting it off.”

— Scott and Glenna Simmons, San Antonio

“Your presentation sealed the deal for me. I saw you speak, and I wanted you as my attorney.  I wanted my estate plan done professionally. Your staff is so cordial, and they kept me well-informed.  I guess this says it all:  I’ve referred you to my good friend.”

— Brenda Minor, San Antonio

“As a Financial Advisor, I sometimes find that my clients may not have adequately addressed their family’s long term financial asset transfer plans. We often spend many years focusing on investment strategies to grow and protect their assets, so I’m very pleased when they call to thank me for referring them to Matt Spahn for help with effective and easy to understand estate planning.”

— J. Thomas Leopold, Raymond James | Morgan Keegan